• The art of a first hello: in a big office (chapter 2)

    12 Mar, 2017

    After that first day at work, you realize how practical it would be to have a way to approach your colleagues to see whether they share or not your interests, and also if they are willing to get a new activity partner. This is exactly one situation where FirstHello App is filling a huge gap: it does just that! Not only you can browse profiles that share your interests but you actually do that in total anonymity: you can choose to divulge your identity once a chat link is created and you are quite sure that the other person is ready to invest time in getting a new activity partner, or just open... Continue reading >

  • The art of a first hello: in a big office (chapter 1)

    05 Mar, 2017

    When you start a new job, the first day at the office is a critical one as it is the point from where you get the “real” feel of what it will be like in the next years. You may have moved from another city or country, and found the perfect location close enough to the new office to minimize transportation time, but far enough to be closer to where the city life thrives (if the office is not there already). You have done your due diligence to be able to make the hard choice on the right balance between rent, transportation costs, and other life expenses with regard to your new salary, and deep... Continue reading >

  • The power of the Nudge

    24 Feb, 2017

    When I was first introduced to the concept of FirstHello, the Nudge functionality was the one thing that struck me most. You might remember an old TV advertisement for an exciting new-age PDA (Personal Digital Assistant - yes, that was the future!) where a man was sitting in a metro train, and at the station, his eyes met those of a woman, sitting in the train going the opposite direction through the window. In the next few seconds, something happened in their eyes and they smiled at each other. They couldn’t speak through the glass, they were likely never to have the opportunity to see each o... Continue reading >

  • A First-Hello from FirstHello!

    16 Feb, 2017

    What is FirstHello in a nutshell? Well it’s a networking app. I’m sure many of you reading this will be asking yourselves, does the world really need another networking app? Our short answer is yes! Otherwise we wouldn’t be so excited about FirstHello! Before I tell you a little bit about the app, let’s take a moment to be a tad philosophical. Think about all the great achievements that people have made possible; from city structures, to great inventions, to sport teams, to space exploration, to entertainment, and to simple laughter and fun. Now think how many of those achievements and experie... Continue reading >