FirstHello in a Nutshell

Think about all the great achievements that people have made possible; from city structures, to great inventions, to sport teams, to space exploration, to entertainment, and to simple laughter and fun. Now think how many of those achievements and experiences required partnerships, collaborations and friendships between people who shared a common goal or a particular interest. In one way or another, all of them required connections with other people – an artist to an agent, an architect to a land owner, a guitarist to a drummer, a tennis player to another tennis player. Put simply, making connections with people defines who we are, and making these connections a whole lot easier is at the core of FirstHello.
The idea of FirstHello was born out of the realisation that every day we miss plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded people who share some of our interests. These people are our fellow commuters, our colleagues in different departments, the runners passing us on the river bank, passengers on a plane, and spectators at a rock concert. They might be just like us; they might have the same hobbies and interests; but there’s no easy way to say hello and find out. We created FirstHello to turn these missed opportunities into opportunities to say hello… to meet all these like-minded people around us who share our interests. In our view, life’s too short to waste good first hellos!
We designed FirstHello to be the type of app we, ourselves, would feel comfortable to use when we’re out and about, without revealing all our personal details to the world, and without selling our information for advertising purposes. That’s why we only ask for information that we absolutely need in order for the app to do its job. You’ll quickly realise this fact when you sign up to the app.
As we see it, life is built on the first hellos we make, so why not make these opportunities as effective as possible with FirstHello!

Who we are

The app is called FirstHello and the company is Firsthello GmbH. We’re a Swiss based company in Zürich.
The founding team comprises of two super motivated co-founders – Ian and Kim.
Ian – Managing Director and Founder: The idea generator with a whole lot of drive to make FirstHello work wherever there are people who share some common interests. Ian’s hat stand includes a designer hat, a marketer hat, a sales hat, a finance hat, and an engineer hat.
Kim – Director and Co-founder: The second idea generator who recognises FirstHello’s ability to work across borders and cultures. Kim's hat stand includes a marketer hat, a polyglot hat, a sales hat, a finance hat, and a scientist hat.

Support and Feedback

In case you need to get in contact with us, please do so at the address at the bottom of the screen.

Our Aims

We have built this app to be ad-free, simple to use, fun to use, unintrusive in your daily lives, and most of all, of value to you.
Enjoy FirstHello!