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The photo-less place to find and cross paths with people who share your interests

How it works

What you need to Know

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Set Up Your Profile
Pick out your interests, select your characteristics, add the languages you speak, and fill in your status message to make your profile you!
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It’s Very Private
No profile photos, no real names published… You don’t reveal your private information to the world here. We respect your privacy and only ask for the absolute minimum in order for FirstHello to be as effective as possible for you.
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Check Out The Nudges!
Whenever you cross paths with other users during the day who share some of your interests, you’ll both get a Nudge… (So no more missed opportunities to meet nearby people like you!)
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Discover All The Interesting Profiles
FirstHello shows you other profiles that best match your own interests. You can also target your search at any time if you’re looking for a specific interest or a certain event… Perhaps a tennis partner for this weekend?
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Our lives are built on the FirstHellos we make, so naturally, all chats begin with a FirstHello!
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Start Chatting
After a FIRSTHELLO is accepted, a chat-link gets created. At that point you can chat away and meet all those interesting people!


Who should use FirstHello?

FirstHello is for anyone who’s looking to meet other people in the nearby area who share a common interest. So for example you can meet other tennis players, other inline skaters, other climbers, and more. And it’s not just sports; you can meet other vegetarians, other musicians, other people interested in start-ups, and so on.

Why is the app called FirstHello?

FirstHello is all about making that first contact with people. Throughout life there’s always a need to meet other people; be it for sport, for music, for business, when travelling, or whatever else. The process to make these first contacts involves sending other users FIRSTHELLO messages. Whenever these are accepted, then a chat-link is established and you can start chatting. So a FirstHello is certainly where it all begins!

What’s the idea behind the FirstHello logo?

The logo is the cup-and-string phone system that you probably tried to build at some point in your life. It’s a nice way to visualise the FirstHello setup. As a user you represent a cup, and the chat links you create with other users are the strings joining the cups. Lastly, the chats you send to each other are the waves along the string!

What’s so special about this app?

We respect your privacy – We don’t think people should be defined or judged by a photo, so FirstHello user profiles are photo-less zones! Your profiles are all about your interests, your status and how you describe yourself in your bios. If you want, when you’re chatting to other users, you can always send photos at that stage but that’s totally up to you. Under the same spirit, we don’t request any personal details that we don’t need, such as your name, height and weight. Another extra special feature is the Nudge!

What’s a Nudge?

Nudge is an alert that two FirstHello users receive, who share a common interest, whenever they cross paths with each other. So for example, if both users have an interest in tennis, then if they pass each other at the bus stop, then they both receive a Nudge alert. The Nudge ensures that you’ll no longer miss any opportunities to meet all those interesting people who pass you throughout the day.

My interest isn’t available in FirstHello. Can I add new interests to the app?

Although you can’t add an interest yourself, you can always send us an email requesting the interest. We’ll certainly add it if a few others want it too.

What languages does FirstHello support?

Currently FirstHello is available in English, German and French. You can choose the language from within the app, under the Settings page.

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